Thursday Evening Ride

The Cycling Club Thursday Evening Ride:

The Thursday night ride leaves out of the city limits of New Albany into the rolling terrain of the surrounding country communities. Our focus is on the safety of the ride, although we are focused on the safety of the ride, we enjoy pushing ourselves to improve upon our fitness.

Please choose your group responsible, if you can’t keep up you may have chose wrong, be prepared and have the course.

We have 4 ride groups;

  • C Pace  (14-17 mph)
  • B Pace  (18-20 mph)
  • A Pace (20+ mph)
  • Rivet  (hang on if you can)(This is a Drop Ride)

Ride Details: Begins April 8th 2021  finishes October 14th 2021
Thursdays: REPEATING Start time: 6PM WHEELS UP
Starting September 15th rides will start at 5:30PM

Ride Start Location 
Philip Heit Center (rear parking area)
150 W. Main St. 
New Albany, Oh 43054

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